Job's Over, the Conspiracy part IV

Bach walked into Reeves’ church with a headache and deactivated internal comlink. It made life strange for him, but the information gathered from Reeves’ inside source was worth it. He found Toro still pacing around the religious hackers, questioning them on the location of the children (and the hackers looked understandably annoyed), and Mort continued to tinker with his drones. When Bach arrived, Reeves gather them together and had some information.

“We’ve received a tip from our sources that Wolfe is headed to London.”

“So the kids are in London?” Toro sounded frantic and Bach passively looked at Reeves, displaying neither regret nor sympathy. “No… Wolfe is there.”

“Okay… well, I’m not going until we find the children.” Bach turned to Toro and looked at him pensively. “Toro, if we find Wolfe, we can get the children back.” It took some convincing, but Toro finally agreed. Reeves nodded and spoke to one of his subordinates for a minute.

“All right, we’ve got you scheduled for a sub-orbital plane. Remember, no weapons, no matrix activity, no drones. You’ll have to find it when you get to London. Good luck.” Toro stowed his swords and listed them as ‘merchandise’ while Bach and Mort went without any support. Bach figured this would be interesting.

After landing in London and seeing a cheap armsdealer, they were headed off to a Echelon training facility that Bach felt would be where Wolfe went. Unfortunately for him, his comlink was still inactive, but at least Mort had managed to procure some drones and a few low quality firearms for them. They got to the base and went close to some seemingly unused building. Bach had Mort stop the car. “I got this.”

Five minutes later, Bach returned looking confused. “So… okay, I couldn’t get them to let us in. Should we just kill them? I… I don’t know, I’m confused.” Toro rolled his eyes and muttered something about Bach never doing anything useful. Bach kind of had to agree. As if by fate, the guard’s eyes glazed over and then he ushered them through. Bach shrugged, too focused on Wolfe and annoyed by his own ineptitude to considered what happened to the guard.

Almost as if fate decided to punish Bach, a sniper bullet shattered the windshield and slammed into his chest, causing minimal damage but surprising the hell out of him. Almost immediately, Bach and Toro were out of the car as Toro dashed across the way to the building. Bach took a quick shot at the sniper and saw a spray of blood from his face, adrenaline pumping. Guess we found the right place.

As some guards came around the side and started to square off against Mort’s drones, Toro climbed up the side of the building and Bach ran across, trying to figure out where Wolfe or any of his relevant subordinates might be. Gunfire crackled out in waves as Mort’s drones shot up the guards with significantly reduced dangerous efficiency than normal.

“de Victoria! I didn’t expect to see you here so soon, especially after I told you exactly where those orphans were! I guess you really don’t care about kids, eh?” Wolfe’s voice blared out over the speaker and everyone heard it, even over the gunfire. Toro was perched on the roof, ready to eviscerate the guards from above. In a few seconds, Toro connected the name de Victoria with Bach, who had already previously stated his name as such. In a rage, Toro threw the dead sniper’s soup cup at the guards and screamed “Bach!” as he lept down, wanted to kill something. Brutally.

“Well shit,” said Bach. As the sound of a jet flying overhead roared out, Bach looked at Mort and saw his rental car getting sprayed with bullets from the jet-drone. He seems all right. Quickly he looked over at Toro and saw three dead guards and a strange ninja-person on the roof, throwing a knife right into Toro’s neck. He’s taking it well.

“Yep, time to find Wolfe.” Bach abandoned his companions and ran to the building, throwing the door open and ducking away from a man with a shock-glove. Quickly, Bach cast a thought-control spell and convinced the man that he was a friend and needed to be taken to Wolfe.

“This way, please.” Bach walked away from his friends and off to find an old partner, wondering what the future would have in store. He just hoped Toro and Mort would be injured enough to not kill him, but also survive the fight. Unlikely.

In the upper floor of the office building were several guards, Richard Wolfe, and three unconscious hackers. As the main doors opened and Wolfe was ready to insult de Victoria some more, he looked over to see his old friend standing beside one of his lackeys, hatred in his eyes. Bach raised his gun to the lackey and exploded his head across the wall as Wolfe’s face transformed from amusement to rage.

“You’re a dead man, de Victoria, you—” Just then, Mort’s drones burst through the windows, pumping bullets into the inert form of one of the hackers without mercy. Wolfe’s men began firing at Bach relentlessly, and even with Dr. Kratchen’s improved skin, bullets ripped open his skin and blood flew from his arms and dripped from his chest. Bach mentally slammed the button that injected Kamikaze into his veins, the combat drug causing an immediate increase in adrenaline. Bach turned around and fired bullets at Wolfe without concern for personal safety.

“Die you fucking, DIE DIE DIE!” Bach’s voice cracked and sputtered. He barely noticed Toro appearing from the rooftop, eviscerating one of the armed guards and moving on to another with brutal efficiency. The firefight continued with bullets flying in almost every direction and Wolfe surrounded on all sides. Bach spun around a desk and fired a bullet straight into Wolfe’s thigh, bone cracking and blood spurting out.

“Even if you kill me, de Victoria, nothing will stop what I’ve done! You’re too late!”

“I don’t fucking care!”

A burst-fire slammed into Toro chest and several bullets ripped out the other side, causing him to grunt in pain and drop to his knees for a second. With a definite concern for his life, Toro attacked quickly and erratically, hoping to not soak another shot like that. Mort, meanwhile, told his drones to fire indiscriminately at enemy targets while he tried to figure something out.

The first text message to Mort said “I am A.G.I. Helios. Time to impact from satellite HIB137: 23 minutes. Kill switch Y/N?” Mort was flustered, first at why an AI would be contacting him, and second as to what satellite HIB137 was. He tried messaging Bach about this, especially after the next message that read “de Victoria’s expertise needed; Bach=Tomás de Victoria.” Bach’s response was customarily curt: “Helios related to Shamash, unsure of intentions.”

As Bach fired at the last guard and Toro eviscerated him, Bach took the opportunity to charge at Wolfe, the Kamikaze making him faster and stronger and scream significantly louder. He talked Wolfe and grabbed onto the hand holding his gun, trying to pry the gun out of his fingers while also hitting him with his own.

“You took my life away, you took my fucking memories, my family! I’m going to rip out your eyes and shove them down your mouth, you God damn—” Bach couldn’t stop Wolfe from putting the gun to his forehead. With a maniacal smile, Wolfe pulled the trigger and sprayed blood all over Bach’s face.

Toro walked up to Bach holding his swords, wanting to kill Bach but also not sure what to do. He waited for Bach to stand up, which took about one minute, before he said “where are the children Bach?” Bach looked up and closed his eyes, breathing deeply through the adrenaline and combat drugs. He sent Reeves several messages detailing the location of the children and investigated this satellite. The information made him nervous.

“Mount Rainier. They’ve been there for a few hours, but I doubt they are dead. Wolfe wanted to use them as bait for me, nothing more. Also, we need to leave. A satellite is headed here, aimed at our location.” Toro mentally contacted his Sensai as he and Bach ran out of the building. Bach, feeling a new found concern for the populace, immediately alerted the military base, and the London EMA about the impending crash. This, however, caused two military-grade trucks to roll up to the area and train their guns on anything that moved in the area. Fortunately, Mort was on it, and launched two armored cars into the military trucks, causing enough distraction for them to escape.

As they drove the blood-stained, bullet-ridden, scorched rental car back to the airport, Bach bandaged Toro and removed the knife from his arm without causing more damage.

“I thought you were going to kill me,” Bach said calmly.

“I haven’t decided yet.” Toro sounded like he had decided, and Bach knew it. Bach wrapped up one of Toro bullet wounds.

“We’ll talk about this later. But for now, I think we can agree to let Bach die.” Bach took out a pair of scissors and cut dangerously close around Toro’s midsection. Toro was tense.


“My name is Tomás de Victoria. A pleasure to meet you.” Tomás looked bloodied, shot-up, blood trickled from his nose, his veins pulsed like he was having a seizure, his eyes were bloodshot and pupils dilated, and he kept half-closing one eye compulsively, but he smiled at Toro with a kind look. It was something Toro had never seen from Bach.



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