Message to Bach

About an hour before you arrive back in Seattle, Bach’s commlink chirps to alert him that a new message has arrived.

de Victoria-

My Faithful have informed me that you have paid a visit to the Sanctuary. It seems you’re beginning to piece some of it together. Too much. My psychosurgeons claimed they did the job right and only I hold a copy of the key… so how is it that you have come back?

Regardless, I have more work to do in the scant hours that remain, and I cannot allow you to get in the way. The good news is, I have arranged a little field trip for the children of the Sanchez Institute. I’m sure they’ll all be thrilled to learn about volcanoes close-up; it’s just too bad this isn’t The Magic Schoolbus. I know your metagenetic freak friend cares for them, but do you? I’ve noticed you’re a much colder man than before.




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