A quiet talk

Bach had called Toro up and asked to see him at the garage. Toro walked up to him, looking around curiously. Bach hadn’t indicated that anything was wrong or any new information was gained. He looked down at the ground, his eyes particularly devoid of light, but he was blinking in a way that indicated he wasn’t in the Matrix.

“Toro.” Bach said, his voice empty. Toro stood far enough away to seem normal, but close enough to react if Bach tried to shoot him again.

“Yeah Bach, whatcha need?” Toro sounded cordial and polite; his standard means of discourse. Bach thought about what to say and didn’t know how to put it.

“Toro… could you live with yourself if you found out your life was a lie?” Bach looked at Toro with an emotion he had never seen before; regret.

Toro’s expression didn’t change as he debated the question and the person it came from. “No, i don’t think i could”. A meaningful pause was all Toro was going to leave between them as he turned to walk away. A few steps towards the entrance, Toro stopped. Bach was nothing. Not just a human, but more than that, he was the most pitiful and dangerous creature Toro had ever met. Many times Toro had seen humans die. Awful, depressing, meaningless deaths. It was quite easy to imagine Bach somberly placing the barrel of his gun in his mouth. A patch of bleached out blood lay comfortably under Toro’s foot. Yet something writhed in his stomach, an uneasiness that had been quietly latching itself deep inside. Bach was pitiful, an epitome of what humans were becoming, a mass of dim and bright stars extinguishing themselves in a black void. Toro could see that struggle, in between the holes of the swiss cheese that had become Bach’s soul he saw a flailing redemption. “Do i have to disarm you Bach?”

Bach thought about her, Larissa, a girl he wish he had known. Then he thought about her, Penelope, a woman he had once known. Then he thought about her, Maria, a daughter he knew little about. His eyes stung and he held something back; a feeling he remembered having once a long time ago.

“No. I have other ways.” Bach leaned back and looked at the ceiling, blinking quickly. “God damn I wish I could sleep right now.” He took out his gun and held it like he once did his child.

Toro chewed on the inside of his cheek, damnit. "Holster it killer. I need you to drive, think you can?

Bach blinked at Toro for a second. “You know cars have an auto-drive function, right?”

“Funny, come on.” Toro looked expectantly at Bach, “Or sulk, that’s helpful too.”

Bach stood and pointed forward with his gun, keeping it at his side, but willing to move on. He still believed he’d be dead in a few days. We’ll see.

After yelling to Mort that Bach was borrowing his van, Toro navigated from the back while absently fiddling with gadgets. “All this cool stuff and i never see Mort using most of it.”

A quiet talk

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