Conspiracy in Sight

When Bach saw the cultist running at him holding a grenade, he reacted instinctively, smart-link locking onto his brain, muscle memory responding perfectly, and a spray of blood bursting from the man’s skull, the grenade dropping to the floor and wiping away the blood splatter in a flash that illuminated the gruesomeness of Bach’s reactions.

His death felt good.

With each death around him, Bach began to feel like his chances of survival increased. When a man would throw his life away for some doomsday cult, Bach realized he couldn’t sit in the shadows anymore. He would do what he could in the Matrix, but he had already barely escaped one death and the only way to ensure escaping another was to kill everyone in sight.

Unfortunately, there were shadows everywhere.

They knew we would come here and they torched all their information. Damnit, we’re running blind here! Bach thought as he ran through the dark office building, gunfire and explosions all around him. A man in robes appeared in front of him, looking crazy, and Bach launched two bullets into his chest, blood seeping out and bone splinters bursting from his clothes as he coughed up thick spurts of blood. When that man died, Bach would be one life closer to safety.

Am I safe if everyone I know is dead?

Bach wondered why he cared so much about the Conspiracy that was forming as the building burned to the ground. Was it related to his forgotten past? He knew there was no reason to think ORS knew who he was. But what if this is fate? He thought about that as he ran at a guard blocking his escape, bullets flying from his gun in slow motion as adrenaline pumped through his veins. He didn’t know why he wanted to know the truth, but he needed to know the Truth. It gave him meaning and purpose. A bullet tore through the man’s throat and he crumbled to the ground. His chances of living increased by .001 percent.

Is this who I am? Blood and Conspiracy?

As they drove off, Bach looked at the picture of his family. He looked happy in that picture. Or at least, he thought he did. As he minimized the window in AR, he saw the body of the guard, his throat mostly gone. Toro had grabbed him as he left. Blood and Conspiracy laid at his feet. Bach reopened the picture, emailed it to Freegrass with the subject line “DO NOT OPEN OR RESPOND.” Finally he took one last look at his family.

Bach deleted the picture from his files.

Conspiracy in Sight

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