de Victoria's Message

Tomás de Victoria logged into the Matrix and hit record on his private chat room. He looked simple, dressed in a flannel shirt with tan khakis and a pair of sandals; it was how he looked when he first met Penelope. His Matrix persona lacked the dermal sheath cybernetics and the shaved head he had acquired over the last few weeks. In short, he looked like he used to, even if he felt different.

“Hello dear. I’m making you this message in the event of my death, but try not to cry until you’re finished hearing everything I have to say. I know I disappeared for a while, and I’m sorry. You were right, all those years ago; Richard Wolfe was a dangerous man. We got involved in something bad, something catastrophic, and I paid for it. If you’re hearing this, then I’m guessing I was killed by one of my friends, and rightfully so. Over the last two weeks I’ve… I’ve done some things that haven’t made me proud. I wish I could give you some excuse, some reason; but nothing would change what I’ve done. If I died, it was because I deserved it. Don’t worry about Wolfe, he… isn’t going to bother anyone anymore. I’m sure you’ve heard about everything that’s happening by now, the crazy weather changes, the bombings and terrorism. That was me. All of it. I didn’t do it on purpose, I never really meant to hurt anyone, but I’m responsible for it. I’m sorry I did this to you, I’m sorry my ambitions overtook my life. I wish I could’ve been there for you and Maria. I wish things could’ve been different. But at the end, I just decided to do everything I could to keep you safe.

I’ve got to go now. I’ve got more to say, but I don’t know how to say it. Hopefully you’re safe now, hopefully I didn’t fail. And hopefully you don’t have to hear this message. I love you. Good-bye."

de Victoria ended the message and linked it to his personal lifesigns, establishing a dead-trigger to send the message out upon his death. His drugs were starting to fade, but at least he felt certain that his wife would know his last thoughts were about her. He looked at Toro, wondering.

Toro looked back. Wondering.

de Victoria's Message

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