Manipulating the Outcome

Bach hung up the phone with Toro, thinking about how bad everything would be if Toro insisted on finding his orphans. Then again, how bad will everything get if I don’t help him find them? It was tricky, and Bach knew Wolfe had put him in this position to test both his convictions and his already tenuous friendships. Quickly, Bach hacked the orphanage security cameras and got the basic information, then decided on a definitive plan of action. He watched Toro run around the orphanage for a while, the vid overlaid on his vision against Freegrass sitting scared in front of him, staring at his gun with apprehension. When Toro had finally left, and no one was in the building, Bach hit a small button on his screen. The vid feed cut, and his old bombs had been detonated.

Toro arrived in a huff, scared and vulnerable. “I’ve got some bad news Toro.”

“Oh, you think?!”

“Freegrass knows Richard Theodore Wolfe. Because Wolfe is Ted.” After a short moment of disbelief, Toro was holding Freegrass with his sword drawn, wanting desperately to kill something.

Bach thinly smiled.

They began searching for Wolfe, signs of where he might have gone, while Back searched for the bus, though he already had a good idea where it was. Mount Rainier. Indeed, that’s where he found it, sitting calmly. He figured the children were probably headed towards the volcano by now, for what diabolical purpose only Wolfe knew. Bach could almost see them burning to death as the volcano began to explode, and he clenched his jaw. Perhaps they won’t suffer much pain… and perhaps… perhaps… Bach’s throat tightened.

“Bach? Find something?” Toro sounded hopeful and looked at Bach with a pleading sense of guilt; guilt at not protecting his orphans, guilt at getting them involved. Bach looked over, feeling more like de Victoria by the minute, and trying to grab the self-constructed identity of Bach; a cool and collected puppet-master.

“No. I’m sorry Toro, I didn’t find them.” I need to find Wolfe, and your orphans are stopping me from doing that. I need the right outcome.

He’d hate himself later.

Manipulating the Outcome

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