The Good News First

Bach read over Wolfe’s message and sighed. He felt a certain amount of excitement when he learned of Wolfe’s identity—following bread crumbs can often lead to interesting adventures—but he should’ve guessed that Wolfe would be less than pleased with his discovery.

Well, the good news is that the explosives around the Sanchez Institute don’t matter anymore… Bach considered having the shadowrunner he hired almost two weeks ago pack up the bombs and disappear, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to have the man stationed there, just in case. That is assuming Wolfe didn’t find him and kill him.

The bad news, Bach knew, is that Wolfe still has a flair for the dramatic; something Bach realized the moment he first heard about the man. Bach looked over at Toro and wondered whether he should tell him or not. Telling him almost certainly meant finding children; a pointless and fruitless rescue operation. But he’ll find out from that damned Sensai of his…

Annoyed, Bach went to respond to Wolfe’s message, still undecided on how to approach the situation. Finding Wolfe, that’s my priority… that’s what I need to be doing, not saving some stupid kids. Wolfe is the key, and if we don’t get him, those kids are as good as dead anyway.


And here I thought we could be friends. Can’t wait to reminiscence with you about old times.

See you soon.

-de Victoria

p.s. Hire better men to encrypt your system. Shoddy work, paltry compared to my style in fact. Embarrassing, Richard. Embarrassing.

The Good News First

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