The Schizophrenic Man

Bach walked along with the assistant to find Wolfe. He was in a daze, thinking of all the sacrifices it took to get him here. He could see the children, burning to death in a volcano. Acceptable losses… Reeves men, left in the dark and unknowing of Bach’s true identity, he put them in danger without ever giving them a reason. Especially Reeves’ inside contact. Acceptable losses… All the men and women he had killed to get here. Acceptable losses…

Who am I? The voice in his head sounded emotionless and uncaring, as though the question was simply a formality pressed upon him by a moralistic constraint he neither wanted nor believed in.

I am Tom├ís de Victoria. I am a researcher, a good person. I have a wife… Another voice seemed to intrude and Bach shook his head, trying to get the voice out of his mind. He didn’t want to be de Victoria. de Victoria is weak…

I have a child I care deeply about. I need to protect them, I need to find them!

Stop it! We only need to find Wolfe, he is all that matters. Bach gripped his pistol as the image of de Victoria’s wife and child flooded into his mind, overtaking his senses and causing his heartbeat to increase rapidly. Bach suppressed his emotions, but the voice of de Victoria seemed to be growing stronger in his mind.

And what will you do when you find him, Bach? Kill him? Like everyone you meet? Like the children you abandoned, like the girl you murdered, like the spies you’ve executed? How many will die because of you?

“Stop it… stop it!” The guard stopped and looked at Bach with a blank stare. “No, not you, keep walking me to Wolfe, for God’s sake!”

You can’t silence me forever. Some day, you’ll have to own up to your mistakes, Bach. I’ve been watching.

Then watch as I skin Richard Wolfe alive and blow his brains into oblivion. Watch if you want, but keep your God damn mouth shut! He focused himself as the guard opened the door for him and Wolfe paced around a room with his gun drawn, a microphone in one hand. Bach closed his eyes and the voice in his head stopped.


The Schizophrenic Man

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