Toro and Tomás

Tomás de Victoria was amazed they had stopped Wolfe. Two weeks ago, he didn’t think it was possible. But none of that mattered to him now. He and Toro stood in an abandoned parking garage in a slum of Seattle, Tomás without any weapons, Toro resting his hands on his swords.

“What’d you want to talk about, Bach?” Toro sounded curious. He had seen some changes in Bach recently, though he wasn’t convinced if this personality shift was genuine or not. Tomás just shook his head.

“Are you going to kill me?” Toro didn’t answer.

“You should.”


“Because the things I’ve done over the past two weeks… the sacrifices I’ve made, the monster I became, were any of them worth it? I was happy once. I was a man once. Now, what am I, Toro? What am I that I can do the things I’ve done?” Tomás looked at Toro and wanted to weep, wanted to scream. He began to remember everything he had, he saw every innocent person he had killed, watched over and over as their blood sprayed across his vision.

“You’re a monster, Bach.” Toro spoke casually, amazed that this person before him was even asking.

“I am the monster that Wolfe made me. He created this life, he created this paranoia. I was just weak enough to succumb to it. So yes, you should kill me.” Toro shook his head, almost laughing at his old ‘friend.’

“Is that what you want, Bach?”

“No.” After a moment of silence, Tomás took out a comlink and loaded up a picture of a woman and a small girl on it. He smiled. “See these? That is my family. I want to go back to them.”

“You think that’ll change my decision, Bach? You think showing me some pictures of a family you abandoned and tormented, and would continue to frighten with your freakish skin and horror stories is going to make me change my decision about your life?” Tomás looked at Toro with a longing in his eyes.

“I can’t undo anything I did. I can’t change what I was. But I can devote the rest of my life fixing what happened. I want to help you with orphans, I want to help this city breathe and live again. All the money Reeves’ gave me is yours, to help rebuild your orphanage. And I won’t stop there. Give me a chance to redeem myself.”

Toro walked forward, looking Bach in the eyes. They were the same mechanical eyes that lacked any humanity and looked back with a sense of displacement and uncaring, but somehow he saw something different. Toro turned around and walked away, stopping at the door to the garage.

“I was never going to kill you, Bach. But I won’t let you get away from your past. Atone, it’s good for the soul. But you won’t forget what you’ve done.” With that Toro left and shut the door.

Tomás stood alone in the garage, looking at the closed door. This was where Bach would go; a seedy place, free from control and eyes. This was where people go to get murdered. Tomás had survived, and Toro’s final words ringed in his ears. You won’t forget what you’ve done.

“If only you knew the half of it.”

Toro and Tomás

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